What To Do if Your Child is Arrested

Has your child been recently arrested? You may be wondering what to do. You may be full of various emotions including anger, fear, anxiety, and confusion. Before you do anything just try to remain calm. Here is some advice for parents who have just gotten a call from their child in jail.


The first thing to do is find out if a bail amount has been determined by the judge. You can find out by speaking with the clerk. Also, take this time to ask the clerk what your child was charged with. If the clerk informs you that a bond has been set, call bail bonds Scranton PA and figure out the details of how you will pay it.


If you can speak with your child, make sure they know their rights. Tell them not to speak without an attorney present. They have the right to remain silent and it is important that they use it. If they don’t wait until they have their attorney present to speak with law enforcement, they may accidentally say something incriminating.

Throughout the legal process, attorney fees may become expensive. The better and more experienced attorneys will have higher rates. If you can get a more experienced lawyer, your child will have better odds of a positive outcome in court. It is best to avoid using a public defender if possible because their success rates in court tend to be lower.

Hopefully, the proceedings will end favorably for your child and they will be able to go home. In the aftermath of the court process, try to stay positive. People make mistakes, and what matters most is that your child knows they are loved. If they are convicted of the crime, that doesn’t mean they can’t move forward with their life. Help them to make good decisions to prepare themselves to move on with their life once they are released.