Tips for Choosing a Bail Bond Company

Few families are prepared and know what to do when someone they love is arrested. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out court dates, bail and legal counsel. After the initial court hearing and bail is set, you may consider searching “PA bail bonds,” but be sure you choose the right bail bond company.


Because you never know when a loved one will be arrested and when the bail hearing will be held, consider choosing a bail bond company that is open 24 hours a day. You will want to get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible, so the open availability will be convenient.


Not only do you want to choose a service that charges standard fees, typically 10-15%, but you also want them to be open about their fees. These fees should be clearly stated prior to you signing anything. You should also understand how bail bond deals are structured to avoid paying too much or being taken advantage of in a stressful time.

Customer Service

Remember that you are purchasing a service. Therefore, you should expect the bail bond company to treat you with respect and act professionally. They should be courteous and kind. A reputable service will reveal their customer service capabilities almost immediately after you start asking questions. They will make sure you understand the process and how they can help.


Choose a reputable firm that has all the necessary licensing. In addition, you want a company with a long-term track record. They should be trustworthy and have references you can check. Make sure they have a reputation of reliability and efficient service.

Choosing a bail bond company can be overwhelming with all the other tasks you must complete when a loved one is arrested. Don’t be afraid to take your time and choose the best company you can find.