Three Great Careers for Spanish Speakers

The ability to speak Spanish is extremely useful in today’s job market. There are millions of Spanish speakers in the United States, and having the ability to communicate fluently with them is a huge professional advantage. Read on for three career fields that are especially well suited to those who are bilingual in English and Spanish.


In many areas of the country, there are a large number of people seeking legal services who are more comfortable speaking Spanish than they are speaking English, which means that being a Spanish speaking attorney Houston is very helpful. You will be able to communicate with your clients without needing to consult a translator, and potential clients may feel more comfortable around a lawyer who is able to speak to them in their own language.


Society has always and will have a need for skilled educators to pass knowledge on to the next generation. If you speak Spanish and have a passion for education, becoming a Spanish teacher for elementary, middle or high school students could be an excellent choice. It is important to keep in mind that Spanish teachers must be not only fluent in spoken Spanish, but have a mastery of the written language as well.


Whether you find a position translating from English to Spanish, from Spanish to English or both, working as a translator will allow you to facilitate communication in a huge way. Translators are essential for in-person proceedings like court hearings, but they may also work from an office or remotely to translate books, add subtitles to movies and TV shows and much more.

The ability to speak a second language is enriching to both one’s personal and professional life, and speaking Spanish in particular is sure to unlock plenty of doors. Make sure that you include your Spanish fluency on your resume, and good luck in your job search!