Don’t waste more time; store that wine!

Wine is getting more and more expensive, so it is important that one stores it correctly. In addition, it is the type of item that needs time to mature and age, so store the wine correctly to enhance the flavours and aroma. They do not need to be held in an expensive wine fridge; cheap wine fridges will work just as well if they have all the features you need. It is important as this will help prevent the spoilage of wine over time.  So look for some cheaper wine cooler options and protect your wine today.

What to consider when purchasing a wine cooler fridge?

It is important to get a wine cooler fridge that is value for money. If you plan on using only some features, opt for one with fewer features to cut costs. The first decision is to decide on capacity. A larger fridge can hold more bottles, but a smaller fridge will mean less wine. Understanding your needs and lifestyle will influence this.

Furthermore, one must consider what types of wines they drink. If you enjoy white and red wines, looking into the dual temperature zone wine fridge will be beneficial as the refrigerator has two zones controlled by different thermostats. Thus allowing your red wines to be kept at their ideal temperature in one section and the white at a different temperature. Deciding whether one wants the wine fridge to be built under a countertop or into a cupboard versus being free-standing will also influence its price. Once the bigger decisions are made, consider the smaller features like adjustable shelving, interior lighting or UV doors are the extras that will increase the price.

Advantages of using a wine cooler fridge.

For many reasons, one should store wine in a wine cooler instead of a normal kitchen refrigerator. The first is that the kitchen refrigerator is too cold to hold wine in. The temperature had to be cold for the food to stay fresh; however, wine needs to be kept at a higher temperature so it does not spoil. The colder temperature means the fridge’s climate is drier, which will result in the seals of wine bottles being broken and the corks of wine bottles cracking. The constant opening and closing of a normal fridge are not good either, as the temperature will fluctuate, influencing the wine’s maturation process.

Furthermore, the wine is stored horizontally on the shelf, so the corks stay damp and cracking will not occur. However, should the cork dry, it will shrink, and air will enter the wine bottle. In turn, increasing the ageing process of the wine and spoils the taste and natural ageing process.

Where can to buy wine fridges from?

Wine fridges are growing in demand due to their aesthetic appeal to homes and because many are wine drinkers. Looking at various retailers like the Wine Cooler Shop, Amazon, Curry’s and Appliances Direct. So once you know what features you want, read some reviews and visit some retailers to compare the different products and choose the best one for you!