3 Reasons Not To Party Too Hard This Weekend

Almost everyone wants to relax on the weekend and relieve the stress that has been building all week long. Some take hikes and enjoy the scenery, others visit family and friends to chat over a favorite meal, and still others spend the weekend partying hard. If you are a member of the last group, here are a few reasons you may not want to party too hard this weekend.


1. Lost Time

When you party all night, you probably sleep all the next day. If you find yourself losing the entire weekend in a party/sleep cycle, you may notice you are losing time. You need time to shop for food, time to do laundry, and time to call your family, and when you don’t have that lost time, you can find yourself becoming burned out.


2. Jail Time

Rowdy parties often end up with fights, drinking, and drugs. The music may be great, the beer may taste good, and you may feel the stress melt away, but after enjoying the night with friends, driving home can become a serious problem when a police office pulls you over on a DUI and whisks you off to jail. Calling a Perry County bail bonds will only bring back the stress you just got rid of.


3. Substance Use

Most people can’t party hard without drinking or using drugs. In a matter of weeks, your body can begin to rely on the substances, and you can find yourself addicted. You may claim to be a weekend user or a weekend drinker, but that is what many people argue that are now in substance abuse clinics or treatment centers.

You don’t want to go to jail, lose time, or become addicted. So, do yourself a favor and spend a weekend at home a couple of times a month.